SkyNet Internet Coverage Area

Fiber and Wireless Both Services Available In These Area.




Sukh Pur


Mandi Ahmedabad

Abadi Rasulpur

Hujra Shah Muqeem

Hujra Chowk

Chorasta (Mian Khan)

Chorasta (38D)

Fakhar Town

Bhoman Shah

Dolla Pukhta


Amli Moti

Unbelievable Super Fast Broadband
Welcome to
SkyNet Fiber And Wireless Internet Service

SkyNet offers the best fixed wireless broadband And Fiber Internet solutions with unlimited Downloading. SkyNet offers different speed packages to entertain every client. We are offering fixed wireless And Fiber Internet solution with top notch industry hardware like UBNT, TP-Link, D-Link,Huawei, Mercusys, Tenda and Mikrotik.

  • Superfast and ultra-reliable.
  • Browse and download around the clock.
  • Our fastest ever router.
unlimited speed
The Speed You Need

Our Broadband is up to 6 times faster than other standard broadbands. As you can see from how fast you could download an album, our average speeds of 63Mbps.

  • HD Movie


    Superfast 1 - 35Mbps
    Average Speed: 1min 30sec

  • HD Movie


    Superfast 2 - 63Mbps
    Average Speed: 45sec

Our Broadband Services
Don’t Let Anything Slow you Down
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The best SkyNet Deal On Fiber User.
10Mbps Package
Annual Deal
From Rs 3000 Per Month * 12 Months Bill RS:36,000
  • Save upto 13,000 Rupees Annual
  • 12 Months Contract
  • 12 Months Bill Pay 23,000
  • No Activation Charges
  • No Installation Charges
  • No Setup Fee
  • 10Mbps up to 20Mbps

Switch to SkyNet from Other ISP
& Get 30Mbps/- Internet Free 5 Days. [Only Fiber User]